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What to expect after Dental Implant or Wisdom Tooth Surgery?


1. Post-surgical swelling: This is rather common after any surgery including dental implant and wisdom tooth surgery. The swelling will improve in a few days and it depends on the individual response.

2. Bleeding: Mild bleeding is expected however bleeding should stop within few minutes. Occasionally, mouth-rinsing may trigger more bleeding at a later time therefore please avoid mouth swishing and rinsing. Dangerous bleed is characterised with fast oozing bleeding that is difficult to stop with a simple gauze. This is very rare however if this occur, please call the clinic or A&E (Hospital) immediately.

3. Bruising: It is more common in middle age individuals but it is rare in general. It will take a few days for the bruising to improve.

4. Pain: Post-surgical wound pain is to be expected after surgery therefore please follow the dentist instruction on pain killer prescription to manage your pain level.

5. Infection: This is common however if you follow your dentist instruction on to reduce the risks of infection, you will be fine. Antibiotics will be prescribe to manage the post-surgical infection if it occurs.

6. Difficulty chewing or eating: Soft diet is recommended the first 3 days after surgery.

7. Limited Mouth Opening: This is common after surgery and it may take 1-2 weeks for the mouth opening to improve depending on the severity of the mouth opening.

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