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Tooth Replacement Options

When you have a missing tooth or multiple teeth, what are your options? Lets check it out.

1. Dental Implants


  • It is a fixed permanent type of tooth replacement as it is engaged into your jaw-bone. You can treat it like a brand new tooth.

  • Easy to chew on most foods except it is advisable not to test it on really hard foods like ice cubes, chicken bones or shells as this may cause porcelain chipping.

  • It is an independent tooth solution as it does not depend on adjacent natural teeth for support

  • Longevity and success- It can last for many years. Studies have shown dental implant can last for a minimum of 9 years provided you regularly see the dentist for a check up and clean.


  • It is a painless minor surgical procedure involving a small incision on the gum and insertion of the titanium implant. There will be 3-4 days of downtime and post-surgical swelling and pain.

  • It will take 3-5 months to complete the crown (tooth) after placement of the titanium implant as it requires bone integration.

  • As every surgery, there are some risks and complications involve. However if you get treated by a skilful and experience Implant surgeon, you will be in good hands. In most cases, complications are very rare. Choose your Implant surgeon well.

2. Dental Bridge


  • It is a fixed tooth replacement option as it is not removable.

  • It is a simple two-visit procedure which involves shaving of your adjacent teeth (1.5mm all around) for a dental bridge support. There is no surgery involved, therefore no surgical risks.

  • Your new tooth can be completed in a very short period of time within 2-3 weeks.


  • Shaving of your adjacent teeth for dental bridge support have dental complications such as tooth sensitivity (common) , and possible decay under the crown and the eventual loss of vitality. If the dental bridge has a future complication, this will affect the supporting adjacent teeth as well.

3. Dentures


  • It is a removable type of tooth replacement. Dentures can replace single or multiple missing teeth.

  • The cost is more affordable than dental implants and bridges.

  • It can be used as a temporary tooth replacement option.

  • It is easy to make and it can be completed in a few weeks.


  • It is made of acrylic or metal. If It is made from acrylic (harden plastic type), you can feel the bulky plastic material in your mouth and it may take weeks to get used to. Also it is uncomfortable for most patients who cannot tolerate ''bulky'' feeling in their mouth.

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