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Do you do have bleeding gums and/or wobbly teeth?

If you think you do, please see your dentist as soon as you can as wobbly or mobile teeth is a sign of advanced gum disease. Let me take you through the different stages of gum disease.

Stage 1: Healthy Gums & Tooth

It is characterized by healthy pink coloured gums with no signs of bleeding and plaque.

Stage 2: Gingivitis

It is characterized by redness ( due to inflammation) of the gum area especially at the junction between the tooth and gum where plaque accumulates very commonly if it is not brushed away. This leads to bleeding gum on brushing and if it is not treated soon, it can occasionally spontaneously bleed. Unremoved plaque will harden into calculus (tartar) which is the yellowish-white harden material at the junction of your teeth and gums. This can progress into Periodontitis.

Stage 3: Periodontitis

Periodontitis occurs when the peridontium ( Supporting tissues for the teeth) is loss including the bone. When there is bone loss, the tooth starts to become mobile. Untreated gingivitis can progress into this stage and this would reduce the chance for you to save your teeth.

So if you have bleeding gums, please see your dentist today! It is not too late.

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