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Immediate Implant placement and Delayed Implant placement. What is the difference?

Delayed Dental Implant Placement

Immediate Dental Implant Placement

Immediate implant placement is defined as placement of dental implant immediately after tooth extraction. This can be done in selective patient cases and the success rate is high between 93- 95%. Selection criteria for immediate implant placement depends on the current existing condition of the tooth and gum that is present and if there is any existing acute or chronic infection. Nonetheless the dentist will inform you if you are a suitable candidate for immediate implant placement. However if you are not suitable, you will have to do the conventional delayed implant placement.

The advantages of immediate dental implant placement are as follows:

  • You can complete the dental implant and crown in a shorter period of time by 3 months as opposed to 6 months ( delayed implant placement).

  • You only go through one surgical procedure, during which the tooth is extracted and dental implant is placed in one visit.

  • A shorter treatment time also offers fewer clinic visits to contribute to the your comfort. You don’t have to live in a transitional state with or without teeth.

Delayed dental implant placement is defined by placement of dental implant in edentulous area (where the teeth has been extracted long before that). This is routinely done however it will take longer to complete the treatment due to the delay in implant placement. The outcome of delayed placement is 95% which is also very successful and more predictable. If you like to know more, please make an appointment with Dr. Sebrina for a consult.

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